• RoHS compliant
  • Type II in clear, black, red, blue & gold
  • Type III (Hard Coat) in natural, black, red and blue

Nickel Plating

  • §Low Phos. Electroless Nickel
  • Mid Phos. Electroless Nickel
  • High Phos. Electroless Nickel
  • PTFE Nickel
  • “Blackhawk” proprietary dull black Nickel
  • Sulfamate Nickel
  • High Build thicknesses
  • Substrates; steel, stainless, brass, aluminum, copper, exotic alloys

Chemical Conversion Coating

  • RoHS compliant clear, yellow

Stainless Steel Passivation

Iron Phosphate

  • Paired with Powder Coat
  • Paired with rust preventative coating

Component Cleaning and De-Rusting

Custom Process and Unique Finishes development available

Hydrogen Embrittlement

Part Masking

Heat Treat Ovens