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Coating Technology Inc. specializes in advanced and proprietary industrial coatings and since 1988 we’ve grown to be one of the leading metal finishing shops in Western New York. From our plant in Rochester, New York we offer a wide range of metal plating services to businesses throughout the region:

Electroless Nickel Plating

We offer three different types of electroless nickel finish. The most common finish is the mid-phosphorus deposit. This is an extremely bright and hard finish that provides a modest level of wear and corrosion protection. The high-phosphorus finish can give you over 100 hours of salt spray resistance. Low phosphorus deposits have excellent wear resistance when heat-treated; it can be stripped and replaced making it great for wear surfaces on tooling.

Conventional Hard Coat Anodizing

A conventional hard coat finish is produced at a lower temperature (34°F) and higher current densities than standard anodize finishes. This produces a surface finish that has exceptional wear, corrosion and electrical resistance. These coatings may be dyed. Hard coat finishes are much thicker and denser than traditional aluminum anodize coatings.

RoHS Compliance

We offer RoHS compliant electroless nickel and zinc plating with black or clear passivate finishes as well as clear passivation coatings for aluminum. All of our aluminum anodizing and stainless steel passivation finishes are RoHS compliant.

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