Commonly known as Yellow and Clear Iridite or Alodine finishes, chemical conversion coatings are used primarily for paint adhesion on aluminum. Although the iridescent gold finish is very attractive, it is not as durable as an anodized finish. Two classes of coatings are available under Mil-C-5541 and Mil-C-81706.

Class 1A:

For maximum protection against corrosion, painted or unpainted

Class 3:

For protection against corrosion where low electrical resistance is required

Both classes provide a minimum of 168 hours of salt spray protection.

Iridite Coating Capabilities

In March of 2006 CTI completed the installation of a high capacity Iridite coating line. With large tanks and overhead hoist we more than doubled our production capability. This means faster turn around times for large volume runs and the ability to finish parts up to 20 cubic feet in size.

RoHS Compliance

Currently CTI offers a clear Iridite finish that meets the RoHS compliance criteria. Although several yellow finishes claiming to be RoHS compliant were evaluated, none met our acceptance criteria for this finish.

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