Electroless nickel plating provides an attractive yet functional finish affording excellent corrosion and wear resistance. Heat treatment of plated parts can increase the coating hardness or improve adhesion on non-ferrous substrates.

Available deposits include:

  • Low (3-5%) phosphorous for high as plated hardness and improved wear resistance.
  • Mid (6-9%) phosphorous for general-purpose applications or where an extremely bright finish is required.
  • High (10-12%) phosphorous for corrosion resistance.

Electroless nickel can be applied to a variety of substrates. CTI specializes in plating on aluminum, steel, copper, brass and stainless steel.

Electroless Nickel Plating of Stainless Steel

We have developed a proprietary activation process for plating electroless nickel on stainless steel. As with nickel plating on other surfaces, this special process is electroless thus eliminating thickness variations, bare spots and poor adhesion that can result from density variations found with traditional activation methods such as the Wood’s Nickel Strike or submersion in a nickel bath with current applied. With this proprietary activation process we can plate stainless steel parts that are normally considered “non-platable” because of their complex geometries, deep blind holes and the like.

High Build Electroless Nickel

A specially formulated electroless nickel bath and extremely tight process controls enable CTI to plate electroless nickel to thicknesses in excess of 0.01″ (10 mils) while maintaining tolerances closer than 0.00015″. These high build nickel coatings are typically heat treated to obtain hardness equivalent to tool steel and provide excellent wear resistance.

RoHS Compliance

We are proud to confirm that all of our electroless nickel finishes meet RoHS environmental requirements.

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