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Chemical Conversion on Aluminum (Chromate)

Chemical Conversion on Aluminum (Chromate)

Also known as Iridite or Alodine, chemical conversion coatings are used to provide a thin, electrically conductive coating and to protect from corrosion. It is also used as precursor for paint and electro-static powder adhesion on aluminum.

CTI offers two types and two classes of chemical conversion: Type I (Yellow) and Type II (Clear). Class 1A (For maximum corrosion protection) and Class 3 (protection where low electrical resistance is required). Both types and classes provide a minimum of 168 hours of salt spray protection and achieve satisfactory results on the paint adhesion test per the standards listed below.

Type I uses hexavalent chromium and ranges in color from light to dark yellow, dependent on the immersion time. Type II uses trivalent chromium (RoHS and REACH compliant) and produces a clear finish.

In August 2021, CTI was certified to Nadcap for chemical conversion per MIL-DTL- 5541.

Specifications and Standards:

■ MIL-C-5541
■ MIL-DTL-5541
■ ASTM B449
■ MIL-DTL-81706

With our available large tank capacity and Nadcap accreditation CTI has been able to accelerate support to the Defense and Aerospace industries. Adding overhead hoist support we more than doubled our production capability and facilitated faster turnaround times for large volume orders.

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