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Powder Coating

Powder Coat

Powder coating applies a powder electrostatically to the part and then is heat-cured. Advantages of powder coating are there are no solvents, can produce thick coatings, and curing times are much quicker than liquid coatings. Powder coating adds durability to components that would experience harsh conditions and extended wear.

We offer standard powder coating colors including:

■ Black
■ Blue
■ Bronze
■ Gray
■ Green
■ Gold
■ Orange
■ Red
■ Silver
■ White
■ Yellow

Metallic colors and color matches are available upon request.

There are no universal specifications for powder coating, parts are certified to your company’s purchase order. The color of the powder must be specified on the drawing or the purchase order.

Iron Phosphate

Iron phosphate is used primarily as a pretreatment for powder coating. It provides increased corrosion resistance in addition to the powder coat. CTI uses an immersion process and has a hoist to process parts up to 40lbs.

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